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Walk with me on this path… My name is Joshua Profit and I am originally from Atlanta,Ga. I grew up in a big family with a lot of brothers and sisters, cousins and family activity at my childhood home. I was skinny until I was about 8 years old. Not just skinny, so much so that my family nick name was “crazy legs” or “CL” for short. The summer after I turned 8 in Louisiana while on the famous annual “grand mothers house summer-long vacation”, my grandmother told me she was going to put some “meat on my bones”. She in fact did just that… and it was maintained for a very long time. I came back home from that summer, 65 pounds heaver. I spent the rest of my middle school years and summers getting bigger and working out to try and get the weight off.

There was a positive force in my life though, I loved playing football because of my father and brother playing in the NFL and college respectively. I found the skill of being the best lineman I could be brought me the positive attention which allowed me to mask the hidden underlying low self esteem.  The requirements for being a lineman: massive size and strength,  were all a plus for my body. Finally, I had found something to use, an achievement,  something that truly fit me when it came to my size. I coped by building in safe guards to boost my confidence and most of all hide my insecurities.  By the time I got to high school, I’d learned how to use my sense of humor, athletic ability, and charm to make up for the huge, glaring elephant in the room: my growing size (no pun intended lol). 

After an amazing high school football career, and I do mean amazing I found myself at home for an entire year after I missed out on a football scholarship.  I ate myself to comfort with favorites like massive amounts of comforts like Chinese food, fried fast foods, and everything else I could eat everyday. I stopped exercising like I was when I was playing football and instead got a job to help my mom around the house.  I gained over 75 pounds. I was depressed, deeply. My goals and hopes of playing college ball were no longer on the table.  In my reality, I was the laughing stock of my whole town and community. To go from “big football man on campus and the highlight of Friday night football games”, to washed up ex-high school player now working at the home depot in town INSTEAD of playing college football, was absolutely crushing to my spirit.  However, I still had a small fire inside of me that still believed things could get better.

Everyday was a real struggle, yet I held on to that fire and fought myself each day to try.  I was trying to believe in myself again.  While it was not nearly as easy as it once was during the glory days and the promising Friday night lights of high school football, it was still there.  I never let the fire go completely out.  

I tried college again and finally got a chance to play football. It renewed my confidence in myself and in God. I went to a small school and became an All-American . It was my chance to redeem myself, which I did! I graduated and started a career coaching troubled youth.    I loved helping those kids.  The journey I had experienced allowed me to have a heart for them.  It allowed me to recognize someone who had given up and at that point I knew how to help them hold on. 

While this may seem like a time for things to finally be going in the right direction, my life was still in peril.  Everything from my schedule to my personal life to my weight was still out of control and not serving me.  They were all killing me.  Old insecurities, ones that I thought had been “put to bed” began creeping back into my life.  I worked my butt off daily trying to loose weight but somehow managed to gain it all back.  I was doing everything I knew to do. I was training again and doing everything I knew. I still could not lose the weight. During the following years I realized the changes I needed to make in those area. I found a way to keep pushing myself towards getting to my goal weight. I worked and moved around yet life happened and the weight never changed because my mind never changed. Once I got my mind corrected I found myself being consistent and my mental health being a priority over all other aspects of life.  I made the necessary changes and worked out the mental health issues I needed to address.  I realized that my problems were the way I was allowing myself to treat myself and how I was allowing others to treat me. I began to love myself.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this. The journey I just took you on is what I call my Path to Greatness. 

My Path to Greatness taught me that above all, my mental health was and is the key to being successful in any aspect of life.  Once that was in order, the consistency I needed fell in place and so did the weight.  I knew I had to share with the world what I learned on my Path to Greatness.

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